Kabir was a former male of Pride B at Longleat Safari Park. He was a rare Barbary Lion. Born sometime in America in 1994, he was moved to Longleat at the end of 2004 from Port Lympe Wild Animal Park at the age of ten. While at Port Lympe he sired many offspring.

The pride's ruling male, Mafui, ruled over a pride where two of the lionesses were his daughters, so Kabir was introduced to prevent inbreeding. While the younger lionesses were mixed with Kabir to start a new pride, Mafui retained the older females. Kabir went on to sire several cubs with Luna and Yendi, including Jasira, Malaika, Sweat Pea, Little Jas and Mildred. One of his sons eventually ended up in Blackpool where he was named Wallace. Jasira and Malaika were eventually put on contraceptives to prevent Kabir inbreeding with them.

In October of 2007, Kabir was  relocated to Newquay Zoo to prevent any conflict with his maturing sons.  In  March 2008, Kabir was euthanized. The Newquay Zoo News Archive entry reported: "Kabir, the 14-year-old Lion who arrived only last October from Longleat, has sadly had to be put to sleep after it was discovered that he had broken a leg. The cause of the break is unknown; it is assumed that he somehow twisted it or landed badly."